What democracy is, what it isn't, why we should strive for it, and how we can achieve it



I think I’m going to try to use the blog feature here as a workbook for what I might transfer to the main pages of the website. I just noticed that I posted an unfinished thought two months ago, and haven’t added anything since. That’s no way to accomplish what I think is important work – namely, solidifying, analyzing, correcting, and publishing (for further improvement through public scrutiny) my ideas about how to achieve an effective (i.e. actual, rather than merely formal) democracy.

I believe it’s important because I don’t see anyone else putting forth ideas that resonate with me about how to achieve a society that can be directed by, and serve the interests of, the people at large. I do see a variety of perspectives pointing out the ways that the status quo is failing to do that, but the solutions I’ve seen suggested so far all leave a great deal to be desired, either in regard to how such solutions could ever be realized, how effective they would be, how they can be sustained, or all too often, all three. I hope to confront all those issues so that what I suggest can be practical and effective suggestions.

I think it’s also important to state openly and clearly that I have not done all the research I would need to do in order to speak with full authority on these matters. However, if I were to wait to express my thoughts until I felt fully confident that I had exhausted every avenue of relevant history and theory, I might end up taking my thoughts to my grave. So, as I put these thoughts forward, I hope that others will see the validity and importance of the aims, but will bring to bear their own knowledge wherever it may help to correct mistakes, misunderstandings, or other failures on my part. Let’s put democracy to work in defining democracy itself and our collective plan to get there.